Here you can read the impressions of new owners of my paintings

The customer from USA has written the following:

What I like the most in the work are the colors (it seems like it is a gold like yellow paint which I like a lot with slight additions of stronger, more intense colors). They give such a warm feeling. I also love how the warm colors contrast with quite rigid, geometric lines of buildings and additional ornaments in the bottom of the painting. Another thing that draws my attention is generally how the painting is split into three parts with the main one being the view that is slightly fading when it comes closer to the edges of the painting. It gives me a sense that the painting is similar to a postcard.

prof. Ing. Hana Mohelská, Ph.D.

Helo, the painting(giclée large size, author´s note) is amazing, everybody is captured by it, most of them like ot, even they have no paintings on the walls.

Have a nice day. Mohelská

Mr and Mrs Heršálkovi

Hello Mrs Levinská, we send you the photo and the reason off the purchase. For me it was fact that this painting catched my eyes…you may probably know the same. Blue color and peace emanated of it…This was the reason why I wished it. And why my husband has bought it…I do not know…perhaps he wanted to make me happy. Thank you again wish you nice Monday…Heršálkovi.

Mr and Mrs Jurečkovi

Dear Mrs. Levinská, I am writing as regards to your question about your paintings. We have 3 paintings of yours. We bought „The Sea“ at your exposition already approximately 2 years ago. We like „The Sea“ very much and we also have several paintings with this subject at home. It radiates a very pleasant, summer atmosphere and your specific way of painting when the contours do not so much stand out from the paintings do stimulate imagination. Which is something we like.We had been thinking of buying a painting of yours with the motif of Provence already during your previous expositions. Despite not being familiar with this region, it is quite well known from the media and lavender fields enchanted us. Your painting captures this motif beautifully, the colourful composition has a calming effect, and all in all, we like this painting a lot. The third painting, the still-life with flower, captured our attention at first sight with its colours and the composition, its positive look and the way the motif has been tackled. At home we have several paintings with the motif of flowers, but this one is completely different, it is not a mere copy of painted blossoms and again, it leaves space for fantasy. I might not be the right person for describing paintings, I am only expressing my feelings about it. Naďa Jurečková

Stanislava Chramostová

Mr and Mrs Žákovi

Why did you decide to buy this painting?

My wife and I both liked it a lot.

What impressions does the painting evoke in you?

Even after years it looks fresh and it is pleasant to look at.

Where did you hang the painting?

At this moment it is in our bedroom.

Mr and Mrs Kubátovi

Why did you decide to buy this painting?

We like the motive (it reminds us of traveling), the material the painter used (slate), the color of the frames and the overall tones of colors which correspond to the colors in our interior.

What impressions does the painting evoke in you?

The paintings look fresh and lively with colors.

Where did you hang the painting?

In our living room, on a lightened wall opposite windows. Like this we can see them pretty well from our sofa.

Gerhard Breunig

Dear Marcela, it was really wonderful for me to hear again from you; especially because your painting is meeting me in my office every day and it´s in great harmony with colors and atmosphere: see attachments.

Steve and Margaret Strickland

Marcela, we are pleased to be home with our new painting, which is hung on the wall in our living room. We will enjoy your wonderful art for many years to come. You can tell people that your art is proudly enjoyed world wide, including Little Rock, Arkansas in the United States.

Mr and Mrs Glasňákovi

Why did you decide to buy this painting?

We were with you (i.e. the author) in Morocco. Your Moroccan paintings are beautiful. But, you know, our orange draperies… the colors just would not fit. Apart from that, there is a big space on our wall which requires a big painting and your Moroccan paintings are smaller. But the Cairo painting, that´s something. Not only do its color fit the draperies, not only is it big enough. But we both spotted it at the exhibition and told ourselves: That´s it! And on top of that, it is a challenge – to see Cairo for real one day. We would like to go to Cairo.

What impressions does the painting evoke in you?

The painting has beautiful colors – when the sun is shining on it during the day, the dark color disappears, during night when the light is on, the painting is absorbed by darkness. When I sit far away from the painting and the clock is ticking next to me, then it is a normal painting which matches the interior. When I sit closer (the clock still ticking), then I appreciate the details. I keep on asking what are the fine curly lines which originate at the bottom from the houses and blossom at the top. I don´t want to know what it is, it would spoil the magic of the painting, I want to imagine something different every time. Who is hiding in the windows? And so on. Dear author, don´t tell me anything about it and leave me to my musing in which I will never find the truth but will always look for it.

Where did you hang the painting?

It is on the wall in our living room.

Marie Poděbradská

I got the painting as a present and I very much like how it looks. I have it in my living room and everyone who enters immediately notices it and says they like it too.

daughter Markéta

I put these two beautiful paintings depicting Sri Lanka into my study room. I chose on purpose paintings which remind me of seaside areas of never ending summer. I very much like these two paintings.

Paul Gilmore

I am not normally a fan of modern art but I love this painting because it is so colourful and vibrant. We keep it in the hallway so it is one of the first things that people see when they come into the house. On sunny days, the light streams through the glass door and side window and this illuminates the golds and blues. It's a happy painting and really brightens up the house!

Emílie Pouchlá

Dear Ms. Levinská, Bohdanka brought us your painting yesterday and we had to put it on the wall immediately. I would like to thank you very much for the painting and share with you how happy it has made me. When I look at it, I always think of the years I lived in Syria, of the friends and acquaintances we got to know during our long stay there. Thank you once again for mediating these nice memories. Heartily, Emílie Pouchlá

Celia & Jose Manuel

Why did you decide to buy this painting?

We saw the painting in a gallery in Paris and we inmediately fall in love with it. We adore its rich colours and Marcela’s style of thick strokes.

What impressions does the painting evoke in you?

While looking at the painting you have the sensation that you are in the Provence lavender fields. It is so real that you almost feel like you are smelling the lavender plants.

Where did you hang the painting?

We hang it in our corridor, where we can see it everytime!